Style Tips

Style Tip #1: Crop Tops can go one of two way, “fierce or fugly”! FIERCE, when matched with pants or a long skirt. When you’re already revealing one section of your body you DO NOT need to reveal another, or you wind up looking cheap and FUGLY, like a $2 Hooker (if you are going to hook, please charge more than $2)!

Style Tip #2- Have a signature piece(s) that you always wear, something that defines you and your personality! Jewelry is the best accessory to wear everyday, and is a personal expression of how we feel and what we like!

Style Tip #3-Don’t be afraid of color! Every time I wear fun colorful outfits I feel brighter and happier, and people always stop me and tell me how happy it makes them feel! Wearing bright fun colors always causes a reaction in others! Be sure to find the colors that best fit your skin tone and personality!

Style Tip #4 -Find your OWN STYLE. Don’t try to dress like everybody else or for anyone else. Our clothes say so much about who we are as individuals. Be creative and have fun getting dressed everyday; think of getting dressed as an exercise in creativity! Our outfits tell a brief story to passersby- what is your story?

Style Tip #5: (Reference Outfit # 2) STYLING one item of clothing differently can change your whole outfit! Be creative and try new STYLES with clothes that you’ve already worn. Tying something in knot or wearing something the wrong way can be so right!

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    • Oye, one of the sweetest comments to date! Thank you so much for the kind words! I have been slacking as of late! If only there was a photographer for every fabulous outfit ;) I am going to try and post more often- hopefully once a week, like when I started! Thanks again***

      sbj02 4 Feb ’12 6:57 am #

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