Vintage Hermes Windup

by sbj02 on November 21, 2011

This is my latest steal, vintage windup Hermes watch!  The seller believes it to be from 1940-1969. I can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy and have it checked out downtown!!! If I told you how much I spent on it you wouldn’t believe me, lets just say someone at  an antique store would laugh at me if I offered how much I paid!

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  • I like this article
    so nice ♥

    love quotes 1 Dec ’11 11:28 am Reply #

    • Thank you! ♥

      sbj02 4 Feb ’12 6:48 pm #

  • wow…this watch is so aristocratic,I like it very much…..

    Abercrombie 19 Dec ’11 8:00 am Reply #

    • Me too, me too!!!! :)

      sbj02 4 Feb ’12 6:59 am #

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